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We identify that farmers were finding it difficult to market cash crop produce, though unrestricted, limited access to international markets. We bridge the gap via speciality in marketing, procurement, logistics, and supply chain.

Flourishing together, Delivering success.

M&T has been established with the sole and utmost purpose of keeping an eagle eye on farm gate and farmers, assisting them in pushing the products to new and existing markets. Offering efficiency, quality and distinctive services to the public by providing advice, consultancy, and support to Farmer/Suppliers as well as End Users.

Meeting supply-chain needs!

Focus on research and development, we streamline processes that ensure quality services are provided seamlessly. M&T engages the best available personnel in the industry, our long term aim is to under-price and over-deliver.


well dried produce.

"Combining highly trained customer representatives with earnest desire of satisfying customer needs, we give customers the best services promoting cordial relationship. This helps to identify problems pertaining to the products offered to clients."

"We undertake extensive communication of stakeholders on the services provided, how the firm helps address the needs of clients in making sure products meet high standards. This is done through face-to-face interactions, digital network communications."

"We provide quality products to end users at affordable prices that generate more income to support farmers and the operations of the firm."


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