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Bridging globalization, continuing advances in communication, information technology and logistics in an already extremely competitive market. This gap in mind led us to establish M&T as an Agricultural Intermediary firm dealing in both local supply and export, undertaking Procurement, Logistics, and Supply chain activities. M&T has been established with the sole and utmost purpose of keeping an eagle eye on farm gate and farmers, assisting them in pushing the products to new and existing markets.

About Us

We render marketing and distribution services that sustain farm products in the market.

M&T was incorporated in 2016 after 25 years of engaging in various Agricultural businesses, mainly exports through its sister company MAB International Limited.

MAB INT Ltd started operations back in the 1980s from importation of cars, and electrical appliances to the agricultural exports. Focus was on cocoa with its origins deep in the heart of Ikom in Cross River, to Imeko in Ogun State, to Akure in Ondo State etc.

Later branching out to Sesame seed, ginger, soya beans and cashew. Leading in the field of agriculture, MAB became a force to reckon with and represented Nigeria at different occasions at the International market e.g. Turkey, UK etc. It grew from strength to strength and expanded its market, sourcing of goods to West Africa focusing on Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo, and Ghana.

Drawing from this, M&T was established, with a view to tap into the untapped potential in Africa, focusing on quality of goods, best crop and global farming practices while using the best resources available. 

Our vision is to render agricultural services that bridge the gap between farmers and end users by bridging globalization, continuing advances in communication, information technology and logistics. Tools that optimize output and growth! We value integrity, high morals, and the seven principles of business ethics.

Our mission is the continuous market expansion and penetration in Africa, to offer premium quality agricultural produce to the world. Going the extra mile to meet up with international standards, stand out in an ecosystem where mediocre reigns, and deliver leading services which earn the status of a point of reference or others to follow.

We aim to be number 1 in the field of agriculture at large.

Only The Best For Your Supply Chain Needs.

M&T Business Resources …

M&T is committed to Training and deployment of quality Business Operatives in Agricultual Produce Procurement – Training – Processing – Storage and supply, Agriculture, and Business Advisory Consultancy services to our valued customers in Nigeria and beyond, ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

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