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Cashew apple and cashew nut is produced from the cashew tree and has the botanical name of Anacardium Occidentale. Harvesting begins in February and continues through June. Consumption of cashew and its nuts can greatly help in weight management, prevention of gall stones, bone development and prevention of bone diseases, reduction of heart diseases, and numerous health benefits.


Soya Beans

Soya bean is also called Glycine max, it’s among the species of legume and widely grown for its edible bean which has numerous uses. Harvesting begins in October and continues through February. Soybean is among the world’s healthiest foods and has numerous health benefits such as; vitamins and minerals like vitamin B and is also a good protein, iron, and calcium source.


Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds is a flower plant that has a variety of relatives spread across Africa. It is the most sought-after cash crop in Nigeria, after cocoa, and was Nigeria’s leading agricultural export. Harvesting begins in October and continues through March.  The seed has numerous uses, it can be used in pharmaceuticals, confectionery, cosmetics, and many industries for paints, soaps, lubricants, shampoos, etc.


Shea Nuts

The shea tree, formerly Butryospermum paradoxum, is now called Vitellaria paradoxa. Harvesting begins in May and continues through October. Shea butter is a highly valued commodity among the world’s pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, and as its demand has grown, so also its potential.


Shea Butter

Shea nut butter and oil is produced from shea nuts derived from the Shea tree butyrospermum parkii. Shea-butter tree is found in areas with 400-1800 mm rainfall per year. Shea butter is used in the manufacturing of chocolate and other confectioneries, nutritive value for chickens, food and soap processing, to healthcare and other medicinal uses.


Integrate something special into your Supply Chain.

The best agricultural trade firm service provider in Africa with an avenue for employing and engaging its teeming youth. We are not only for profit, but also to create a real catalyst for community development.

Depending on the level of quality and competition in your local market, it may help to widen your horizon and think beyond traditional supply chain avenues. We are well versed in research about the kind of quality that exist locally in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa. We learn about the amazing range of utilization focusing on your specific areas – this is where you build your Supply Chain needs.

There is a growing demand for cleaner and less dangerous substances (in fertilizers and crop chemicals) which could currently cause harm to people and the environment. In line with this, there is a growing preference for eco-friendly fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides which do not poison the cultivated food or the surrounding land and water resources. 

We make aware of a few special and high-profile agricultural products that have huge yield in the African and global markets. These products are so significant on the global market that they have earned Africa significant foreign exchange revenues and will continue to do so.

We understand fertilizer, crop intensification, and pest control to educate local agricultural farms, horticulturists, farmers, and associations to determine their challenges and needs. This helps identify the exact inputs they require. There are also ample resources on agricultural input habits and requirements across Africa available online, such as the ministry of agriculture.

We network and partner with related agricultural associations locally and internationally.

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